Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update: SourceForge no longer offers the Wikispaces wiki, this post is left up for historical curiosity.

The default wiki for SourceForge projects is used to be called Wikispaces. The CSS stylesheet configuration on the SourceForge Wikispaces is such that list items (HTML "li") are smaller than normal, and shrink as they are nested. Top level list items are smaller than I would care for, and by three or four levels of nesting they are unreadable. This has bugged me for a while, but today I was trying to create a page which had up to five or so levels of nesting (to represent a directory tree) and decided to see if I could fix this.

Using the wonderful Web Developer extension for Firefox I was able to pinpoint the source of this shrinkage, this line of

#frame li, #fadbtm li { font-size: 82.3%; }

Wikispaces uses about five CSS stylesheets including sfx.php, and they allow you to edit one of the other CSS stylesheets under Manage Space -> Look and Feel -> Edit your wiki stylesheet.

When editing that stylesheet Wikispaces restricts you to applying styles to the "wiki" class. Your wiki content is placed in an HTML div of class "wiki" and id "content_view". So I tried to add a line to the stylesheet which sets the font size for list items in class "wiki":

.wiki li { font-size: 100% }

However, there is a higher level div with id "frame" which the Wikispaces-provided CSS line applies to. Per the CSS specification styles applied to a specific id (#frame) take precedence over styles applied to a class (.wiki). As such the style for the id "frame" overrides my style for the "wiki" class.

Another read through the CSS spec reveals the important flag to override the normal priorities. And that did the trick, adding the following line eliminates the shrinking list items:

.wiki li { font-size: 100% ! important }