Monday, May 04, 2009

With the Oracle client installer if you are automating the install with a response file, set UNIX_GROUP_NAME to something like say 'dba', then run the install but you are not in the dba group the install will fail with:


I found nothing useful via a search for that error so I thought I'd post something. It would seem that you need to set UNIX_GROUP_NAME to a group you are in. Oddly none of the files that are written out end up owned by that group, so it doesn't seem like the installer really needs those privileges.

I'm trying to package the Oracle client for our internal packaging system, I'm not a DBA and wouldn't normally be a member of the dba group.


Albac said...

2 years after, I got the same problem and your post helped me! thanks! Well I didn't exactly put a group name to solve it, I left it as , for me that was the only way to make it work, It was failing when I had a group name,any, same error message.

Albac said...

It didn't appear on my comment but the value I used was : "Value Unspecified " - "\<" Value Unspecified "\>". I think due to some wrapping thing for the html.